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The Catalogues are premium shopping guides showcasing the wares of the finest retail establishments in five of America’s renowned resort cities. Please explore, discover, become informed, and shop some of the finest luxury retailers in the country.

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Art on a Whim works with the Vail Film Festival

Art on a Whim Gallery in Vail, Colorado is proud to announce that they are working with the Vail Film Festival this weekend. The festival begins tonight with the opening film and party and continues all weekend. April 8-10, 2016


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Corey Milligan Contributes to Community Park

April 1st thru April 3rd, New West KnifeWorks will be donating 20% of all sales both online and in their shop to the the awesome community park known as R PARK. Corey Milligan, owner of New West KnifeWorks, serves on the Advisory Board for park...

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New Book by Artist Iris Scott

Fans of Iris Scott can purchase her newly published book through Amazon. It is the #1 New Release in oil painting how-to books at Amazon.com. Find your inner finger painter.

Congratulations Iris! You can find more of her work at Horizon...

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Elodie Holmes Receives 2015 Reflections Award

The Glass Alliance of New Mexico will present the 2015 Reflections Award to the talented Elodie Holmes of Liquid Light Glass in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Catalogues congratulates Elodie for her achievement. No one is more deserving.


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Mark Yale Harris Exhibits

Sculptor Mark Yale Harris will display his work in two exhibits. The 2016 Art Palm Beach will run from January 20-24. Thomas R. Riley Galleries booth will host the Harris art.
ArtPalmBeach is internationally renowned as the premiere mid-...

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