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The Catalogues are premium shopping guides showcasing the wares of the finest retail establishments in five of America’s renowned resort cities. Please explore, discover, become informed, and shop some of the finest luxury retailers in the country.

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Asian Adobe

Asian Adobe, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is just one block west of the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, and features the finest from the East, West and beyond.

Fidelia “Fiddle” Kirk opened Asian Adobe in 2003 to bring unique, classic, and...

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Ski Training from Sport Fitness Advisor

Visit for full article, including Ski Training Articles:

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Blogger shows off new looks from Art.i.fact!

Art.i.fact is planning some cool events with blogger extraordinaire, Courtney Lopez. Courtney focuses on the fine art of layering, a hot topic in Santa Fe where the weather always leaves you guessing! Courtney's looks feature velvet pants, a...

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J. Cotter featured in new book!

Jim Cotter Featured in New Book:

Cast Art and Objects
features more than 800 exquisite photos of contemporary and historic works, this first-of-its-kind book reveals how the process of casting-pouring material into a mold-has...

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Nancy Reyner - The 3 Cycles of Painting: Freedom, Faith and Healing

Someone once asked me if I go to my studio every day, or do I wait until I feel creative. This got me thinking about my art-making process. I discovered that I paint using three different cycles: beginning, continuing and completion.


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