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Wiford Gallery – L. Scooter Morris

Santa Fe

Sculpted Paintings is a term that Ms. Morris uses to describe the unique signature and style of these paintings. Texture is used in these paintings to create a layered and complex visual form of depth where the light and color interact to create a...

Wiford Gallery – Lyman Whitaker

Santa Fe

Lyman Whitaker is the originator of the Wind Sculpture™ and has been sculpting for over 40 years. His success has spawned many imitators, but none have so successfully and quietly brought joy to so many collectors all around the world as Lyman...

Wiford Gallery – Ryan Steffens

Santa Fe

Ryan Steffens has an extraordinary gift for finding and forming the raw stones that lead to his wildly popular, organic, hand-crafted water sculptures. Steffens has perfected his vision of transforming a simple stone into an object of wonder. His...