Gusterman's In Santa Fe: Decades Of Fine Craftmanship

Gusterman Silversmiths is owned and operated by two sisters, Britt and Kerstin Gusterman. They are a long established jewelry store, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and have been in business since 1950.

Gusterman Silversmiths specializes in handcrafted jewelry in gold and silver, often combined together within a single piece. It is jewelry that people can wear everyday. There is a contemporary Scandinavian look to much of the jewelry created.

With their parents, Stig and Astrid, they emigrated from Sweden in 1949, bringing with them 12 years of apprenticeship from all over Europe and a craftsman's hallmark bestowed by the King of Sweden. Stig's Master’s Mark, SGn, qualified him to design works for the royal families of Europe. Today, since inheriting the business from their parents, Kerstin and Britt continue the traditions, ideals and the designs of their parents, while continuing to create new pieces.

“It is our goal to produce quality jewelry at an affordable price.” In every Gusterman creation, simplicity and style have been combined to achieve a tasteful solution. Always in fashion, each unique design will have special appeal to those who seek the unusual in jewelry. The signature piece of Gusterman's has been the "String Ring”, and what began as a single ring, has become a collection of different styles of rings, earrings, bracelets and chokers.

It is with close personal supervision and uncompromised standards, that Britt and Kerstin Gusterman can assure, when you make a purchase from Gusterman Silversmiths, you will be acquiring one of the more refined and highly crafted pieces of jewelry available. This is their process from design to finished product.

Gusterman’s features the work of these talented in-house gold and silversmith’s: Britt Gusterman, Susan Barlow, Sally Stuart, and Donald Lanzer.

Make Gusterman’s a stop on your next visit to Santa Fe and acquire your next uniquely crafted piece of jewelry. You are always welcomed in a warm, unpretentious, old-world way.

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Photo: Kate Russell Photography