The Story Behind the Perfect Knife

Corey Milligan founded New West Knifeworks and Moutain Man Toy Shop after making his first knife in 1996. Milligan refined his knife making skills by reading books and working with other knife makers in the United States and Japan and has mastered the art of the perfect durable knife. He draws inspiration for his knifes from cooking, personal experiences, talking to other chefs and customer input.

One of the most popular knifes at New West Knifeworks is the Forger. It is an 8-inch knife that has the best of both a chef’s knife and a hunting knife. It is very light and agile and Milligan’s favorite for cooking. The blade is made from a mixture of high carbon steel and stainless steel. This high performance blend of steel is made in the United States and is the best blade you can find. The handle is made out of an extremely tough high tech laminate that has New West Knifeworks signature bright colors on it. This knife is so durable that Milligan once left it on an open flame by accident and it was not damaged!

In 2011 Milligan started Mountain Man Toy Shop in response to customers wanting a “guy shop”. With the new shop Milligan decided to try to make a new product - a tomahawk. When asked why he made a tomahawk Milligan responded “They are just fun and make a great sound.” Milligan advised on the proper throwing technique of a tomahawk. He said, “ You need to be the right distance away, so the rotation lines up correctly. Lock your wrist so the head is straight and throw hard!” This might sound easy to do, but after throwing some tomahawks in the alley next to the shop I assure you it is not!

New West Knifeworks and Mountain Man Toy Shop are directly off the town square and are great places to swing into and browse. If they aren’t too busy ask one of the boys to throw a tomahawk in the alley. Remember, lock your wrist and throw hard!